Sunday, October 6, 2019

Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, Louisiana

Jimmy Davis State Park is a great campground but unfortunately it rained the whole 3 days due to a cold front approaching. It’s been rainy and foggy so I apologize that the photos aren’t as sharp or clear as they usually are. As you can see in the video the campground has asphalt roads and pads and tent pads behind the RV pad.All sites are easily accessible. Very clean and beautiful lake. For any New Comers our 6 month Journey started about 1 month ago and will last 6 months From South Florida to Arizona then back to South Florida via a different route. We will visit approximately 60 different campgrounds on this Journey. Hopefully our video will give you a better incite of what to expect of the campgrounds that we stay at. We will be staying at Jimmy Davis State Park again. You can follow our Journey at Please Subscribe at the bottom if you like what you see.Thank’s for watching.

Click here for a link to Jimmy Davis State Park.

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