Sunday, September 29, 2019

Space Odyssey 2015

And that would probably look like this. Well, perhaps more realistic but hey! I'm doing my best OK?!

Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center SP.Florida

Just a quick little tour of the Stephen Foster Cultural Center. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching.

Fort Valley Georgia, 2015 Extras

Some additional - extra shots from Fort Valley Georgia we never planned to publish. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan, an alien trapped in a wrong universe in the wrong timeline. For further explanation check my gravatar or just send me a mail. I'm the guy responsible for making the weird part of the blog, doing what I usually do for living and make this page more interesting.
The photos I choose for today are my favorite in the Fort Valley set. I made few changes on few shots, cropped, transformed and manipulated in my way, though each one of them is masterpiece in original and all credits go to Gerry, a guy who can pull out the camera in one second, shoot with his left hand and controlling the plane with another, every time with extraordinary results.

Enjoy and feel free to like, share or comment!

Manatee Springs SP,Florida

Were still headed North camping our way to a Tennessee Fly-in. Thought we would camp at some of Florida's Springs on the way.

A Breezy Day Aloft

This is a short video of a Breezy but Fun Flight with my Uncle and I, his first flight in a Powered Parachute. Join me in experiencing the Life from above in my Powered Parachute over

Nashville Skies Fly-in Event

Nashville Skies Fly-in Event over SW Tennessee, Fly over some of the most beautiful country  you can imagine. Starts July 9th goes through the 12th. Camping is available. See details below. Hope to see you there.

Redneck Parabatix Games 2015

Powered Parachutes and Powered Paragliders just having fun over Ft, Valley Georgia.

Breakfast flight in the Powered Parachutes

This video is a short flight my friends and I did in our Powered Parachute to the
Okeechobee County Florida Airport for breakfast. A great flight with great friends, If you enjoyed the adventure please hit the Like Button and Subscribe. THANKS for WATCHING.

Magnolia Park,Florida

Magnolia Park an Orange County Park in Florida  is a very nice park on Lake Apopka, the 3rd largest lake in Florida with free roaming Peacocks roaming the grounds that would greet us every morning. Lots of activities for the kids, volleyball, basketball and a kids playground.
Magnolia Park 2929 S Binion Rd. Apopka Florida 32703
Zack doing his morning stretches.
Some of the Peacocks that would greet us in the morning. DSC07097
Zack checking out his buddies ,waiting for them to come over and visit. DSC07114
Zack telling us it's time to go in, it's starting to get hot out here.

Wekiwa Springs State Park,Florida

Wekiwa Springs is a crystal clear second-magnitude spring that is joined within a half-mile by the smaller run from Rock Springs to form the headwaters of the 17-mile-long Wekiva River, a tributary of the St. Johns River.

The Airwolf is loaded and the graphics are on.

It's getting hot here in South Florida so it's time to head North. It's time to do some camping and flying from some different places.

Flying to Breakfast

Had a great flight today to the Okeechobee County Airport for breakfast in our Powered Parachutes. Sunny sky's and winds around 5 mph out of the NW.Seen lots of wildlife, approx. 60 deer and lost count after that. Great flight with good friends and good food, what could be better then that???

Indian Springs State Park, Georgia

Camp site at Indian Springs SP. Indian Springs State Park, Georgia is a beautiful well maintained State Park between Macon Georgia and Atlanta. If you have never stayed there, I highly recommend it.
 Old Spring House
 Dori enjoying the views and hiking the trails
 Dori resting and enjoying the view
 Me checking out the Falls.
 Spring is near,Trees in bloom over looking the lake.
 Old Cemetery at Indian Springs.

From the sky's over Fort Valley Georgia,March,2015

In the sky's over Ft Valley Georgia
 My buddy and I getting ready for take off.
 Just Playing around
 Just Flying
 Controlled Burn from 2000 Feet up, Zoomed in
 Controlled Burn

Old Silo
 Food Depot, Ft Valley
 Cemetery in Ft.Valley
 Ft.Valley State University
 Old buildings in Ft.Valley
 Smoky day over the town of Ft Valley
 Old Truck in barn
 Old Barn with Windmill
 Barn with Old Truck
 Perry Airport
 Looking West to the town of Ft. Valley
 Enjoying the ride
 Old Truck
 Deer coming out to feed
 Ready for deer season
 Old Farm
 Old Barn
 Enjoying the view
 Old Barn
 Just having fun
 Old Silo
 Peach Trees in Bloom