Saturday, October 12, 2019

Journey Across America, Road Map & Insights

This was our four month Journey across the Southern US from East Coast to West Coast. Our turn around point was the Salton Sea California where we had a great fly-In with our Powered Parachute. We met some great people there, had a blast. We are sorry for not including some of the state parks and campgrounds in this video like Dead Horse Ranch, Distant Drums, River Breeze and Saddle Mountain in Arizona, Slab City in California and many others…but you can go to the older post section at the bottom and see the video’s we made of all the campgrounds and other things we saw on the way. Had an unbelievable trip and met some awesome new friends and people on the way. We really hope you enjoy this video and all the rest also. Who know’s, you might like to try out some of these campgrounds someday.
A special thanks goes out to all of our new Subscribers and friends we met on the way and if you would like to be a subscriber and get email updates as soon as there posted, Please enter your email address at the bottom and hit the Subscribe button.  If your interested in any of the campgrounds that we stayed at you can click on our Home Page and then click on Older Post and watch a video on each Place we stayed. Hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for watching.
Another Special Thanks goes out to my good friend Nada for his great help with the videos.

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