Saturday, October 12, 2019

Top to the Bottom of Florida Fly-In

Jim Dees, a good friend of mine is planning this Top to the bottom of Florida fly-in. I am planning a different kind of fly-in, it will be cross country flight from St Marys, Ga. (4J6) to Homestead, Fl (X51) then to Key West, Fl.(EWY) (You may trailer the PPC’s down to Key West if you do not want to fly over water) I am looking at 4-6 days and flying no more than 115 miles a day. You may fly the whole thing or join up any place on the way. It will be the first week of Nov. Several stops will be at Class D airports so you will need a tower endorsement and I can help you with that if needed.
If flying the Homestead, Fl (X51) to Key West, Fl.(EWY) Leg you are required a PFD (personal flotation device) and I recommend a flotation device for the PPC and an Elliptical wing. You will need your own chase crew.
For more info, contact Jim Dees at the info below:
South Georgia / North Florida USA
229-798-0079 229-346-3497

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