Saturday, October 12, 2019

Cottonwood State Park on the Beautiful San Juan River, New, Mexico

On our Journey through Colorado we ended up in New Mexico at the Cottonwood State Park on the Beautiful San Juan River. If your into trout fishing then this is the place for you. Cottonwood is a beautiful Campground within 100 yards from the banks of the San Juan River with water and electric at 14 dollars a night you can’t go wrong. 7 dollars per night if your over 65 or a veteran. The San Juan is known as probably one of the best Trout Streams in the USA. In this video you will see Parts of the river, the campground and me cooking Fried Rice on a Swedish Fire Torch. We hope you like the video. Thanks for Watching. Part 2 we will be showing you lots more of the river and 2 to 3 thousand year old Petroglyphs.

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