Saturday, October 12, 2019

Valley Of The Gods & Petroglyphs

Camping at Cadillac Ranch RV Park, Bluff Utah.
While flying the Canyons at Bluff Utah we stayed at the nice little Cadillac Ranch RV Park, a clean small campground in between two Canyons. Very nice Staff to go along with it. Will be glad to stay there again if I’m ever in the area. Lots to see in the area even from the ground, Valley of the Gods, Petroglyphs, 4 corners, are easy day trips from one location. The Petroglyphs located just outside of Bluff Utah it’s over 100 yards of rock art that spans everything from archaic to modern times.  The sheer amount of art along with the time range it represents tells us that this area must have held some special significance. The Sand Island Petroglyph Panel is as easy to find as they come. It is located in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Sand Island. The rock art found at the Sand Island Petroglyph Panel spans virtually all of the time that humans were known to inhabit the four corners area. Carbon dating of a sandal found in the general area of Sand Island Panel showed that the area was likely occupied as early as 6,500 BC and there are petroglyphs that are possibly that old on the panel. From that prehistoric time until recent times the Sand Island Petroglyph Panel was marked by every succeeding group. From the early Basket maker period through the Pueblo III period Anasazi Indians left record of their habitation of the area. In more recent times the Utes and Navajo also left records in this spot that clearly had a special meaning to them.
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