Saturday, October 12, 2019

4 Days until the 2016 Utah Flying Extravaganza

We will all be meeting in Green River Utah on Saturday. We are planning on being there between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Sean and Dorothy Curry will be there already. They are planning on getting there on Friday. We will meet at the airport, just out of town. Flying there on Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday we will head to Hanksville Utah. (1hour drive) We will check out Goblin Valley State Park, then go to the airport in Hanksville. I want to drop off our planes, and then make an excursion trip into the solenite coal mine airport. Just to make sure the road is good for getting in there on Monday. Fly there Sunday evening, and Monday Morning (San rafael Swell)
Monday, we will go to the coalmine airport and camp there. We can fly from there to the Hidden splendor Airport.
Depending on the Weather will determine how many days we stay there.
The thinking is to leave there Tuesday afternoon, and drive to Frye Canyon airport and stay there on Tuesday night. We can fly over the Natural Bridges National park and Frye Canyon. But if flying is good at Hidden Splendor/Coal mine, we may stay an extra day.
Wednesday / Thursday will be in Monument Valley. I have the camping booked. It will be $50 night. But it is very nice, and the airport is on site.
Then on Friday, after we fly, everyone is on their own to head back at their leisure.
The weather is looking great.
Everyone is still invited. We have 5 planes going .
For more info, Please Contact Bob at 218-348-7089
My Bride and I camp,travel and fly our Powered Parachute as much as we can, so any time I here of a Fly-in I like to post it. If your like me, the Fly-In are usually over by time I here about them, so now I’m doing my best to keep everyone updated on these events.
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